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Tasmanian Wildlife Matters is a joint project of Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania, and the Tasmanian Conservation Trust, and funded by Voiceless. The project is an educational kit that highlights the plight of millions of individual animals in Tasmania. These are species that are common, but ironically less is known about them than many uncommon species. They are also species that are heavily persecuted in Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Wildlife Matters kit allows people to get to know these species in detail, and aims to build respect for these species and show how people can live peacefully with wildlife.

The kit consists of a series of 16 fact sheets. Eight of these are about wildlife species, and eight are about the issues that affect these species, such a primary industry, roadkill and hunting.

The wildlife education kit was launched in July 2012 and mailed to every primary school, secondary school and college in Tasmania. The full kit is available for viewing or download on this website. A limited number of printed kits are available. Please contact us if you would like a copy.

On this website you will also find resources for teachers, including word find activities and student worksheets. There are also links to short films, bird calls, and links to relevant websites.

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