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Living with Wildlife

Living with the Snakes of Tasmania– brochure

Living with Native-hens – information on liveing with Native Hens including a donwloadable notesheet from the Department of Primary Industries Water and Environment

Living with Possums – information on liveing with Brushtail Possums, including a donwloadable notesheet from the Department of Primary Industries Water and Environment.

Wildlife Friendly Fencing – how to design fencing that is safe for wildlife

Wallaby Proof Fencing - a downable pdf on fencing designs for wallaby exclusions from the Department of Primary Industries Water and Environment (whilst a useful guide to fencing, this publication still advocates unnecessary lethal methods).

Wombat Gate Design - how to build a wombat gate, donwloadable pdf from the Department of Primary Industries Water and Environment (ignore the reference to shooting).

Fauna Sensitive Road Design - information to assist practitioners to design, construct and maintain roads that better accommodate the needs of fauna

Gardens for Wildlife scheme- State Government program for urban dwellers

Land for Wildlife scheme - State Government program for rural properties

Wildlife Groups - Tasmania

Bonorong Friends of Carers Program - for wildlife rescue phone 6268 1184 statewide (24 hours)

Carers for Wildlife Tasmania - NE Tasmania

Central North Wildlife Care & Rescue - for wildlife rescue call 0409 978 064 (leave a message if necessary)

Southern Wildlife Rescue and Care - wildlife hotline (Southern Tasmania) 0439 190 052

Raptor Refuge - 0408 725 869

Reptile Rescue - 0407 565 181

Short films

Tasmanian Your Roadkill State – 15 minute documentary

Tasmania's Forests: a global treasure, a national responsibility. Wildnerness Society film (10min) - images of wildlife in the forest, wildlife killed by 1080 poisoning, and forest (habitat) destuctiion (note 1080 poison is no longer used in forestry operations since this film was made, but is sitll used in agriculture).

Wallaby Rescue - showing injured wildlife llowing the Meadowbank Fire in 2012 - Southern Wildlife Carers (1min35s)

Joey in Pouch - short (24 seconds) of film showing a live joey in a pouch, whose mother had been killed by a car (no injuries are shown)

Faces in the Mob - Documentary about a mob of kangaroos - the documentary makers lived with the kangaroos for two years. Learn about the individual personalities of the kangaroos in the mob. (59 minutes)

Bird Calls and Videos

The Internet Bird Collection has videos, photos and sound recordings from all over the world. Below are some direct links to the species focussed on here. You can search the collection for more options.

Pacific Black Duck

Wood Duck (Maned Duck)

Mountain Duck (Australian Shelduck)

Grey Teal - no sounds

Chestnut Teal - no sounds

Brown Quail

Forest Raven

Great Cormorant

Little Pied Cormorant - no sounds

Short-tailed Shearwaters - no sounds


Wildlife Rescue Magazine (produced in Tasmania)


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